Boat Lift leading Product Innovation class at Italian Lifting & Transportation Awards 2017

Boat Lift attended 2017 GIS edition in Piacenza, experiencing once more the strong public’s interest on its innovative lifting and handling systems, both in nautical and industrial context, a testament of an extremely responsive to the proposals deriving from continuous company R&D activity.
During the show – on Friday 6th October – in the beautiful Galleria Alberoni in central Piacenza – took place the 2017 Italian Lifting & Transportation Award (ILTA) edition.
During the award ceremony – attended by over 300 representatives of major Italian Lifting & Transportation companies along with politicians, institutions and journalists – excellences in the field have been awarded, spread in different categories.
On this occasion, Boat Lift was awarded with Italian Lifting & Transportation Award (ILTA) 2017, in Product Innovation class, thanks to its self-propelled amphibious cart especially designed for catamarans hauling and launching, produced for French Shipyard la Grande Motte.