After sales

A constantly developing global assistance network supports customers in troubleshooting and with ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.
Global service network
Spare parts stock with international shipping
Rapid remote and on-site intervention


BOAT LIFT proposes an exclusive system of remote assistance, ensuring remote connexion with the machines without any action needed from the operations and guaranteeing maximum security through encrypted computer protocols.

Thanks to a modern machine-to-machine communication system, it is possible to monitor functional parameters, take action in case of malfunctioning or support the staff on-site to solve the problems.


BOAT LIFT machines, equipped with cutting edge technology and innovative systems, are extremely easy to use: we help you make the most of them in all their potential.
The specialized BOAT LIFT technicians will take care of training the operators involved, ensuring that they acquire all the necessary technical information and know all the possible functions of the machine. The staff will then be familiar with the vehicle and will be able to manage any working condition.


BOAT LIFT customers can rely on a structured and consolidated worldwide service network thanks to the collaboration of partners specialized on BOAT LIFT machines. The strength is the ability to guarantee rapid interventions on site with experienced field service technicians and to manage a large stock of available spare parts. This service, combined with remote assistance, ensures constant proximity to the customer, and allows continuity of working activities.


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