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BOAT LIFT offers a range of products able to meet all needs of stakeholders involved in handling and lifting operations, both for boats and semi-finished materials. A constant drive toward the search of best-in-class solutions, combined with the personalization of the product starting from specific clients' requirements, gives the opportunity to offer applications unique on the market in terms of efficiency, durability, and ease of use.

Travel Lift

Wheeled gantry cranes for boat hauling and launching operations, tailored in dimension and optionals.

  • Radio remote control with LCD colour display

  • Independent and electronically synchronized winches

  • Anti-corrosion painting compliant to C5m cycle

  • Hydraulic oil filtering

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Ideal solutions for optimizing boat storage and for easier manoeuvers in the yard.

  • Handling of motorboats, sailboats, catamarans and cradles

  • Tailored dimensions

  • Lifting by double-effect cylinders on each wheel group

  • Double proportional motion speed unloaded / loaded

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Amphibious machines for hauling and launching operations on ramps and slopes.

  • Increased power for steep gradients

  • Centering poles for boat clamping

  • Radio remote control

  • Hydraulic expansion system

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Mobile dockside crane specifically engineered for boat hauling and launching operations without waterfront works.

  • Double proportional lifting speed unloaded / loaded

  • Front cantilever beam advancing beyond the dock

  • Anti-corrosion painting C5m cycle

  • Independent and electronically synchronised winches

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Handling and lifting special applications and tailored solutions for materials transport.

  • Mobile gantry cranes

  • Self-propelled trailers

  • Specific design for high duty cycles

  • Custom lifting accessories

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